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Clicki Digital is a business that understands your needs and helps to create a solution that fits your business in a simple and cost effective way. We provide solutions that facilitate and sustain long term growth and always aim to ensure that your solution adapts as you do to the ever changing online business world.

We offer a range of needs for different industries including web design & development. We are flexible and will adapt our solutions to meet your needs. We recognise that no 2 clients are the same and offer unique strategies. No cookie cutters here!!

Coming for different areas in the industry our team offers a proven track record in helping clients to achieve their goals. The digital online world can seem scary and we pride ourselves in making it simple and not using jargon. Websites do not need to be complicated!!!!!!!

Reach out today and let us know how we can help you.  Contact Us

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From building your brand to attracting new customers, this blog post has you covered.

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Looking to conquer the vast terrain of the digital world? 🚀 Look no further! We're thrilled to unveil our latest blog post, "Navigating the Digital Landscape: Empowering Your Online Presence with Clicki Digital"! 💡💻

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🌟✨ Embracing the Bright Side ✨🌟

In a world buzzing with challenges, let's take a moment to celebrate the little victories that make each day special! 🎉 Whether it's a successful campaign launch, a breakthrough brainstorming session, or simply sharing a laugh with our amazing team, every moment counts. 💖

At Clicki Digital, we're not just about pixels, HTML & algorithms - we're about fostering a community where positivity thrives and dreams take flight! 
🚀✨ So here's to you, our fantastic followers, for being a part of this journey. Your support fuels our passion and reminds us why we do what we do! 🙌

Let's keep spreading smiles, inspiring one another, and making magic happen in the digital realm! Together, we're unstoppable! 💫 

Lance & Lee

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New Blog Post Incoming from the Clicki Digital Team.

How to create engaging & compelling content for your audience
Congratulations to Envirometal Scrap & Auto Recyclers on the launch of their new website and digital marketing campaign.

Clicki Digital is proud to provide a range of services including:
– Branding, Logo & Asset Creation
– Custom Website Design
– WordPress CMS Solution
– Mobile Responsive Design
– Advanced Gravity Form Integration
– Ongoing Digital Marketing Campaign
– Social Media Management
– Website Hosting

Go check out their website:
Have you checked your domain is correctly registered?
Is it registered to your business and has your details connected to it?
Why is it even important?
Find out on our latest blog from the team at Clicki Digital
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Have you got a Google Business Listing for your business. Find out how important it is whether you are a small or large business, on our latest Clicki Digital blog:

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Social Media all confusing? Don't know how to leverage it for your business?
Check out the latest blog from the Clicki Digital team:
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Email Marketing not your thing but you know you need to do it for your small business!!! Check out the latest blog from the team at Clicki Digital about email marketing and how we can help
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Thinking of developing a new website in 2024? - Check out the latest blog from Clicki Digital on the key things to consider when deciding what you want from your website in 2024
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Our Services & Offers


Custom Builds

Whether it be a custom web application, API or even a live streaming solution. We architect and build solutions to suit.


Secure Backups

For all types of software development and hosting, we store development pieces within private GIT repositories allowing for quick and easy recovery and roll back solutions, we also take nightly or more frequent snapshots of our clients hosting data.


Safe & Secure

We utilise CloudFlare DNS as our high-performance, resilient, Domain Name System (DNS) that publishes your domain names to the global DNS in a cost-effective way. Whilst also making sure your website is Secure with SSL to meet the ever growing need for keeping the internet secure.

Dedicated Support

Hosting with us, means personal support for times when you need us, and apart from this and our daily back ups. We also take the strain out of keeping your WordPress website up-to-date and keeping your site secure by managing all your plugins for you.

Committed Solution Providers

Selecting us as your solution provider means we will be committed to see your project through. We have the expertise, the know-how and the staunch to design, build and hand-over a project.

Web Apps and Hosting

  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly theme
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your website’s content to beam around the world
  • Web security with SSL and firewall protection
  • Fully redundant web and database servers ensuring your site stays online and fast
  • Offsite nightly backups with optional additional backups every 12/6/1 hours
  • Malware and website security
  • 99.99% Uptime with monitoring

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