Service Level Agreement

Clicki Digital offers a standard set of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the scope of work and maintenance – The SLA provided for each issue or project is without prejudice for the client to decide and is solely Clicki Digital’s assignment

An example of how our SLAs to operate is as follows:

  • Project work – Estimated target date for client testing and client release
  • SLA 1 – Critical: Payment gateway, Business Critical process failing, Website errors due to service issues: 4 hours of receipt of issue acknowledgement
  • SLA 2 – High Priority: Business processing issues: Website service issues due to release, loss of data: 24 hours of receipt of issue acknowledgement
  • SLA 3 – Medium Priority: General issues, Website bugs causing poor user experience: 4 days
  • SLA 4 – Low Priority: General issues, Website bugs, text errors: 10 days